The Priceless Gift of Crypto

Coinbase is innovating. The U.S.-based company is offering the option of using cryptocurrency to buy or sell, and as an incentive, they are offering starter gift cards.

Coinbase has decided to add a wallet with WeGift to its services; this is a platform established in London, consisting of online cards with cryptocurrency funds in Coinbase’s wallets as was reported by Bloomberg.

Today, the stock market supports several cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and it is very likely that more will join very soon. According to the WeGift website, these gift cards can be used in over 100 stores and services, such as Google Play, Costa, Carrefour, and Uber.

But at the moment, this method of payment is available in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.eGifter is a New York-based cryptocurrencies gift card company that partnered with Coinbase in 2013. It occurred a few months after the stock exchange became licensed to operate with cryptocurrencies by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. The license was granted so that Coinbase could allow payments with cryptocurrencies via the internet, phone or credit card and offer another option besides the usual money.
It is worth noting how big of an achievement this is. Not only is it a step towards making crypto payments more comfortable, but it is also an even stronger step towards crypto acceptance by society. It is not a mystery that the most valuable currencies—like the USD and the EUR—are those that grant people the best purchasing comfort.

And, that is exactly what this news means; cryptocurrencies will be a lot easier to use, and if you couple it with their speed and efficiency, it is a perfect recipe for them to become an optimal payment method. As such, if more initiatives follow suit, the popularisation of crypto coins will be much sooner.

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