Real utility tokens were distributed by Decenturion

The world’s first decentralized state, Decenturion, finally distributed tokens with the real utility. One of state’s startup accelerator program member, the company called Finolog, recently distributed its  FNDC tokens amongst Decenturion citizens. And those digital assets can be already used to purchase educational courses meant for top managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and other decision makers.

Paying for education with FNDCs and it’s one of the first real use for the crypto assets distributed by Decenturion.

Each course developed by Finolog lasts for 2 days of intensive workshops and presented by established experts in the courses’  fields:

•    Maxim Ilyakhov, editor of Tinkoff Bank (TKS: LI) magazine will share his expertise in content marketing,

•    Kirill Pshinnik ex in-charge of sales for Megaplan one of the first Russian cloud CRM solutions will give his insights on sales,

•    Dmitry Grits, TEDx speaker and the lawyer of the Law Chamber of the city of Moscow, will speak about accounting and law, etc.

All the speeches will take place on the weekends from October the 20th to December the 2nd 2018. And the students will be able to visit the classes offline or via live broadcast.

Apart from producing educational courses, Finolog project has a long-term idea. Its main purpose is to build the decentralized ecosystem for businesses funding powered by transferable trust.

As mentioned on the project’s website, by utilizing the product everyone will be able to profit while assisting in improving the data on the platform and getting a commission from any transactions and deals signed by contributor’s related connections.


I get paid in tokens to write about this project. However, my approach is to inform the community, not to advertise. Therefore I only post unbiased data about the state of the startup and its major newsworthy achievements (or the other way around).

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