Opera: Not a Great Browser, Possibly an Awesome Crypto Wallet?

Cryptocurrencies can take over Android’s browser, Opera. The browser has launched a beta version to use digital currencies, buy and sell with them and have your wallet secure with the best technology and patterns on your phones.

This Opera aggregate is called Crypto Wallet, which  “makes Opera the first major browser to introduce an integrated cryptographic portfolio.” This polishes the way for other browsers that want to do something similar. This version allows you to make micro-payments in your browser.

From the release:

Web pages are expected to become the decentralized interface of the future. The company believes that adding a crypto wallet in the browser gives them what they need to repower their browsers and grow as a digital tool for managing digital money and online transactions, giving the user full control over their finances.

To top it off, users have the opportunity to interact with Dapps, and to make transfers quickly, Opera also allows online payments with cryptocurrencies with support for merchants.

Those people, who decide to use this browser to make payments with cryptocurrencies, can do so in stores with the Coinbase platform. This payment will be transmitted and signed from the browser.

Although it is too soon to implement this technology, it is something innovative to see how this browser, known by many, enters the world of cryptocurrencies, mainly because it is as essential and open source as Chrome.

The most important part of this report is the fact that it evidences a stronger belief in cryptocurrencies on behalf of major firms.

That is a critical step in the generalized acceptance of cryptocurrencies around the world, as more companies are likely to start the following suit—as evidenced in the past. In the end, that is exactly what will make crypto assets become a mainstream method of payment.

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