More than 300 startups applied to participate in Decenturion’s economy

Decenturion is the first active state in the world that used decentralized principals and technologies in its economy, lawmaking, and the social sphere. One of the purposes of the project is to mature into a demonstration of decentralized state concept and propose it to other rulers. The state was started on the 4th of June, 2018 during the first talk of state delegates at the special event arranged by the United Nations and taken in New York, USA.

It lately hosted the Second Russian Congress for of its citizens in Moscow. More than  3,000 people attended the event. The primary goal was to introduce the state’s growth and also present the first alumni of Decenturion’s accelerator, the greatest 12 startups picked by The Board of Directors of the State. Amongst the champions were Gridcube (IT), a multi-cloud blockchain as a service used for the fast creation of business applications,  Cryptorobotics (Crediting), a free cross-platform trading terminal for any cryptocurrency exchanges that support the API and UMC (Marketing), a product with AI for managing smart-advertising in messengers and more.

As revealed during the Congress, one of the main accomplishments of the state since its launch on the 1st of August, 2018 was the successful trial of the state’s economy. The government began its market – the principal point of activities between the citizens and the companies operating within the state. And so far it’s running and consistently increases in volume.

Overall, the tremendous positive result of the Congress was to witness the founders’ real interest to talk to the people and desire to respond to any questions their audience might have.

Project’s team doesn’t seem to stop. On the 26th of September 2018, the Ministry of Education of Decenturion has proclaimed the launch of its education portal. Using the service the earlier and the coming citizens of Decenturion can pass a free training and final examination on higher Decenturion education. The certification gives a chance for anyone curious in applying for positions in the Ministries of Decenturion. For now, the course includes the following sections: Structure of Decenturion and State’s Economy. Decentralized lawmaking is still under developing and will be accessible shortly with the rest training materials at the Educational portal of Decenturion.
On the startup accelerator’s front, everything also goes smoothly.

Last month, the Ministry of Industry accepted 339 applications to its accelerator program, 43 startups successfully went through the Accelerator and became the State’s residents, the 12 best companies will go on an investment trip to Asia shortly.

At the moment, the major hurdle is the United Nations’ acceptance of Decenturion’s sovereignty by the end of 2018. To reach that status state’s administrators are still required to get the recognition from at least three actual states (and they in the middle of discussions with 23 countries, mostly resided on the African continent) and also acquire the piece of land. The deal on the land (an island) purchase is also in progress.

The estimated number of enrolled citizens of the state as of September 2018 is 250,000 people. And founders anticipate it to reach 1 million by 2019. On September the 30th, the new record of citizen’s private income was announced on the corporate blog: 36,744$ via sales of DCNT Classic tokens and startup tokens for the first month of the state market activity.


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