McAfee for Presidency? Take #2

John McAfee, from McAfee Antivirus Software and notable crypto enthusiast, declared his bid to run for US president in 2020 yesterday, on the 3rd of June,  as a form of serving the crypto community:

That will be McAfee’s second race for the presidency after losing the bid in 2016 to the past New Mexico ruler Gary Johnson to be the candidate representing Libertarian Party.

McAfee cited his past failed bid by saying yesterday that if he “been more connected with the community in 2016,” he would have been better able to publicize the idea of “currency independence,” which he notes is already on “every Americans’ lips (sic).”

McAfee’s tweet regarding his next run has now earned over 800 comments, with McAfee replying to most of them with a “thank you” or a smiley face. One crypto project has already granted the equivalent of $390.85 to the campaign.

McAfee had already obtained some headlines positions last week by declaring the launch of his crypto-backed fiat currency that can be exchanged for up to 100 minutes of facetimeing with John.


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