How to Buy Cryptocurrency: Best Site to Buy Bitcoins

Crypto is a unique opportunity for anybody to change their lives. A short-term window of possibility to create an immense wealth not even for the next ten years, but for generations to come. Educate yourself, think, research, take actions – and you’ll have a real chance to change your life in a way that you couldn’t even dream of.  The time is now, and I am willing to help you – from how to buy cryptocurrency and top crypto exchanges, to ways of earning bitcoin and high-potential cryptocurrencies to watch. Are you with me?

First things come first, so, let me introduce myself. My name is Ana, and for many years I was working as a PR executive for various brands (half of the time with tech companies). Small talks near cooler, corporate team buildings and necessity to spend most of my time awake at the office (or commuting to the office) were pissing me off big time.

I dreamt of the freedom and ability to travel around the world, learn new skills that I think I need, not my managers insist I am lacking or just spend more mindful time with people I care about.

So I was exploring a variety of options that might allow me to achieve my goal – from affiliate marketing and e-commerce to PR consulting and SEO services. One day I was working at the blockchain co-working space and got hired by an ICO startup. I didn’t know much about crypto and Bitcoin at that time except for the information I’ve picked up from Andreas Antonopoulos’s book “The Internet of Money.” And it was a perfect read to start your crypto/blockchain journey.

Anyways, new job and diving into the world of crypto had smitten me entirely. And I am in trading and value investing ever since, building my wealth for the years to come, traveling, learning and doing all the things I enjoy.

Are you up for a challenge to change your life? Takes almost zero efforts to get started and buy cryptocurrency: just pick the best place to buy bitcoins (as little as a tiny fraction of it!). And yet the choices are numerous below are some more convenient options:

#1 Coinbase is the most obvious way to buy bitcoins online.

My not tech-savvy acquaintances are having fun buying bitcoins here. Coinbase works for Singapore, Australia, UK, Canada, US and the most countries of European Union. If you live in the United States, you can even buy cryptocurrency with PayPal. Otherwise, credit and debit cards are accepted as well as bank transfers.

Transaction fees are VERY complicated – 1% here and there if this than that… But I’ll just quote one sentence from fees explanation page saying: Base rate of 4% for all transactions – that pretty much wraps it up.

On top of that internal exchange rates are not always great. And the list of altcoins you can purchase is limited to the majors – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin at the time of writing this article. But to be fair as soon as BTC or ETH are purchased you can move on to other exchanges for trading.

Overall it’s a massive, secure exchange, served more than 10 million users so far and if you don’t want to get into technicalities, it’s a good place to start with buying cryptos.

If you register using this link and eventually buy or sells >$100 worth of digital currency you will get $10 worth of free bitcoin. Give it a try.

#2 Changelly

If you were looking for the sites like Coinbase but with the lesser fees and more geographies – Changelly might be a great choice. They have a reasonable fee of 0.5%, available in a handful of countries and support a vast list of altcoins including Dash, Ripple, Metal, Steem, Monero, etc. (over 90 in total at the moment of writing).

Operating since 2015, Changelly has attracted over 1.5M registered users, and currently, they process more than 15K transactions daily with a monthly turnover of around 60K BTC.

To get started with Changelly sign up here.

#3 is a Russian company registered in the UK. It allows not only to buy bitcoins online but also get a grasp of trading cryptos (with minimum trade amount of $1 equivalent which is amazing for practicing). I  personally started trading and buying bitcoin online with this exchange.

List of the cryptos available for trading and purchasing for fiat money is not very extensive but there are numerous options to deposit and withdraw your money with various fees depending on your location and preferred currency. Trading fees are 0.2% per trade. is getting quite popular. They are about to hit a magic number of 1.5 million customers from more than 200 countries.

And if you want to join them do it here.

#4 is quite an underground place to buy Bitcoin online. It’s a peer to peer network where you purchasing BTC directly from the seller you’ve picked at the terms you both are happy. Sellers and Buyers using this marketplace have a reputation – so you can choose people to trade with based on their reviews and level of community trust.  And you can pay with cash if you want.

Current stats are impressive – there are people using the service to trade in 248 countries and 16064 cities.

Registering, buying, and selling Bitcoin is completely free. Transactions to wallets of other users are free. Transactions to other Bitcoin wallets are subject to Bitcoin network transaction fee. Which make is quite an attractive option to buy bitcoins online.

Start by signing up here.

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Ana (@coinjive) has been involved in the crypto industry for more than a year now. She was working for three ICOs (as a PR / and CMO). And prior to dive into the blockchain reality, she served as a Communication manager for big tech and less tech companies (including SAP, Evernote, Avon and, etc.). Currently, she devoted to writing. P.S. please agree to accept a dash of subjectivity. Coinjive is run by a human after all.