Ella Zhang

Ella Zhang is the Binance labs’ CEO, a cryptocurrency exchange’s blockchain incubator. She is a former Alphabet Inc. employee who is graduated from the University of Stanford with a business high degree.

She is currently helping out Binance to take actions against the scams that popped up due to the intensive publicity and promotion generated, and in order to do so, she is using the so-called Cryptocurrency Governance Initiatives, or CGI.

Ana (@coinjive) has been involved in the crypto industry for more than a year now. She was working for three ICOs (as a PR / and CMO). And prior to dive into the blockchain reality, she served as a Communication manager for big tech and less tech companies (including SAP, Evernote, Avon and, etc.). Currently, she works as a contributor at Future Times and as ICO analyst for a private Israel-based crypto venture capital firm. P.S. please agree to accept a dash of subjectivity. Coinjive is run by a human after all.