Decenturion: fixing crypto volatility

The first decentralized state Decenturion, announced the launch of the Ministry of Strategic Development (MSD). The new authority will be in responsible for creating, experimenting and executing innovative business tactics, as well as developing the ideas of other ministries to prove the world that the new standard of decentralized public administration is viable.

MSD will be managed by Nikolay Evdokimov, who now takes charges for two entities: the Ministry of Information of the State and the Ministry of Strategic Development.

The first assignment to supervise was to fix the problem of DCNT Classic stability and facilitate the steady rise of its rates. To tackle the dilemma the ministry developed the new model for the token. Current pricing algorithm is based on restricting the minimum sale rate of those tokens. The sellers of DCNT can no longer fix the price lower than the minimum set by the system. As stated by the Ministry Initial trial the new token-model drove to an increase of DCNT Classic price on the internal market, which grew up to $10 and proceeds to increase, proving the effectiveness of the newly developed strategy.

A number of Decenturion’s citizens in October 2018 is over 280 thousand. It is anticipated that it will increase to 1,8 million by 2019.

Currently, Decenturion is trying to obtain a territory that will allow it to claim the status of an independent state and join the United Nations, following all the necessary regulations. It also keeps attracting more technology start-ups to launch their operations in Decenturion.

The latest three crypto assets distributed amongst Decenturion citizens were DMCS tokens issued by IDMCOSAS,  the company building an international decentralized multi-currency e-commerce platform, IDCS tokens distributed by IDCS, which are developing dental communications tool and LDXD tokens sent by a start-up called Leadrex, that are building decentralized lead generation platform.


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