Why Buy KickCoins Now?

There are several good reasons why buy KickCoins now, and why this cryptocurrency of the KICKICO platform, might be the smartest investment of 2017. Let’s get done to the nitty gritty of the upcoming coin, thus you will have some more data to decide whether KickCoins are the right investment for you.


  If you keep an eye on the crypto world, the chances are that you’ve already heard about KICKICO because the platform has not only already completed its first round of funding to great success but it’s up and running in such a polished state that many other crypto projects could only dream of.

KICKICO describes itself as a unified platform for ICO (Initial Coin Offering), crowdinvesting, and crowdfunding powered by smart contracts. If the idea of a platform that combines Blockchain and crowdfunding doesn’t excite you, it absolutely should.

The founder and CEO of KICKICO is Anti Danilevski, a well-known figure in the European crowdfunding community as well as the developer of one of the most popular indie games in Russia, Carnage. Some of other people onboard of KICKICO team and advisors are the and the founder of BTCnews and the developers of the economic model for Bancor.

ICO and Crowdfunding Problems

Even though the ICO market is now well past the $1 billion milestone, and crowdfunding has become an established practice of funding projects and ventures of all sizes, both project backers, and ICO/crowdfunding campaigners face many problems.

With the recent ICO explosion rose the number of fraudulent campaigns that were from the very first moment intended to scam the public. Without a third-party acting as a supervisor whose job is to oversee the ICO, there is little that prevents the people behind the ICO from disappearing with their newly acquired crypto funds, never to be seen again.

Despite the predictions of the World Bank that crowdfunding investments will be a $96 billion a year market in developing countries alone by 2025,  we know that between 69 and 89 percent of crowdfunding campaigns fail, depending on which platform they are hosted on. When a crowdfunding campaign fails, the campaign backers are usually left with empty hands and perhaps an apology.

And this is only where the problems with ICOs and crowdfunding begin. ICO founders don’t have any existing infrastructure they could rely on, which means they need to create everything from scratch. Instead of putting all their time into ensuring that they’ll be able to deliver on their promises, they waste weeks and months on creating an attractive web presentation, attracting the attention of the public by launching expensive marketing campaigns, and developing their own cryptocurrency.

Founders of crowdfunding campaigns do have existing infrastructure they can use to get their projects going without building everything from scratch, but crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter often require a legal representative to be physically present in the country where the platform is incorporated to submit the necessary paperwork. This prevents people from less developed parts of the world as well as many non-native speakers of the English language from realizing their dreams.

KICKICO’s Solution to ICO and Crowdfunding Problems

As was noted by Cliff High from Half Past Human in his recent report on KICKICO, “The prospects for KICKICO are better than most of their competitors in this area of crypto space.” High went to praise KICKICO’s management, vision, and execution—and for a good reason.

KICKICO’s solution to ICO and crowdfunding problems involves the creation of a large ecosystem, called KICKONOMY, for projects and investors governed by transparency and fairness while being powered by smart contracts and KickCoins.

KICKICO is a 3-in-1 fundraising solution with support for ICO, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting campaigns. Campaigners can easily create smart contract-based campaigns without any coding experience and make them available to backers from around the world with a few clicks.

When a backer decides to fund a project on KICKICO, the backer is issued project’s tokens, but in case of backer will support the successful campaign then he will also get some KickCoins as a bonus. This means that, apart from the initial KickCoin emission, KickCoins are never created out of thin air and also that backers should thoroughly analyze their choice before backing the campaign. What’s more, KICKICO is set to protect the value of KickCoins and ensure the cryptocurrency’s long-term growth. Because successful ICO backers receive two tokens instead of just one, their investment is protected by the value of KickCoins and not just the promises of the campaigners.

As far as platform fees are concerned, KICKICO collects 4 percent of ETH and 4 percent of the tokens issued during an ICO. Creators of crowdfunding campaigns are required to provide their photo ID and a proof of address in the form of a utility bill or bank statement. To prevent recursion attacks, campaigns must raise at least $10,000.

When you compare KICKICO to the platform’s main obvious competition (although you can hardly compare those two products, that’s how different those are), Waves Platform, which currently sits at $5.3 per wave, it’s easy to see just how much the value of KickCoins could skyrocket in the next months and years considering what KICKICO brings to the table. Waves Platform has a clunky user interface that stands in the way of massive adoption, and the fees for sophisticated smart contracts can get rather pricey. What’s perhaps the most important, Waves Platform lacks the self-managed community that KICKICO is building, and which uses KickCoins as the tool and method for executing revolutionary ideas, going far beyond the current crowdfunding 1.0 platforms.

As stated on the official website, “Part of the vision behind KICKICO is to open up crowdfunding to a truly international audience. Ethereum technology allows us to bypass legal and financial obstacles … but we also want to make it easy for creators to run campaigns in multiple languages.” Keeping in mind that 92 percent of people don’t speak the English language, KICKICO’s global presence could be the final factor leading to its dominance as a go-to ICO and crowdfunding platform, exponentially increasing the value of KickCoins beyond the wildest dreams of the token’s early adopters.

Conclusion: Buy KickCoins

KICKICO has the potential to dramatically accelerate the growth of ICO offerings and open the crowdfunding market to the whole world. It’s the first blockchain- and smart contract-powered crowdfunding platform with an intuitive interface and its own cryptocurrency as well as a self-managed community motivated by cleverly-implemented gamification principles. With the lowest fees in the industry, global presence, and a strong team of talented individuals with a wealth of professional experience, we expect KICKICO to be nothing less than a complete game-changer, and we expect KickCoins to be one of the smartest investments in 2017.

“The crowdfunding and customer ICO space are destined to become busy with competitors rising daily, and failing almost as fast. It is my thinking that KICKICO will be a steady, consistent performer that will persist towards dominance in this space,” Cliff High agrees with our assessment. So, the recommendation is clear: if you can, buy KickCoins. And if you can’t, find a way anyway because an investment opportunity like this is something you don’t want to miss.


Disclosure: at the time of writing this article I was working for KICKICO. But I still truly believe that idea is great. As well as the product that built to implement the idea. Strong management is something that missing from the project. But let’s see how it will evolve in the future. I have some hopes for KickCoin.


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